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By Verified Voting Foundation   
February 11, 2008
Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia hold Presidential primaries on February 12.  A majority of the votes cast on "Chesapeake Tuesday" will be cast on paperless electronic voting systems which are vulnerable to error and tampering, and which do not not allow meaningful audits or recounts.

Commendably, Maryland and Virginia are taking steps to adopt verifiable voting systems in future elections.

Important statistics about the Chesapeake Tuesday primaries:*
  • 238 Democratic delegates and 119 Republican delegates are at stake.
  • Maryland has 3,134,077 million registered voters, and 1618 election-day polling places. All of Maryland's election-day polling places will use only paperless touch screen voting machines. Maryland plans to abandon its paperless voting system and convert to a system of optically scanned paper ballots by 2010.
  • Virginia has 4,585,828 million registered voters, and over 2,300 election-day polling places. Almost 80% of the state's polling places will use paperless electronic voting systems. Virginia is also taking steps toward reform. In 2007, the Virginia legislature banned the future purchase of direct-recording electronic voting systems.
  • The District of Columbia has 377, 007 registered voters, and 142 election-day polling places. Each polling place will offer voters either a paper ballot option, or a paperless touch screen option. Verified Voting strongly encourages D.C. voters to vote on a paper ballot.

To make Chesapeake Tuesday's among the nation's last unverifiable elections, Verified Voting urges you to support HR 5036, the Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act.  HR 5036 will provide badly needing funding to Maryland, Virginia and all states that wish to adopt  paper ballot voting systems by November 2008. Click here to read Verified Voting's statement of support, and click here to send Congress a message to pass HR 5036.

District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics,
Maryland State Board of Elections,
Virginia State Board of Elections,
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