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By Rep. Susan Davis Press Release   
October 15, 2007
House subcommittee will discuss Davis’s bill to expand absentee voting to millions of Americans

A bill by Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-Calif.) to expand voting by mail, or absentee voting, to millions of Americans will get a hearing Tuesday, October 16 in the Subcommittee on Elections of the House Administration Committee.

Davis will give testimony on her bill at a hearing on expanding and improving opportunities for voting by mail. The hearing will be the first of its kind at the federal level on absentee voting.

“Millions of Americans are denied the opportunity to vote absentee,” said Davis, a member of the subcommittee. “My bill would make it possible for those Americans to participate in their democracy. For many Americans, every day is a juggling act. A commitment to a job or family should not hinder someone from participating in one of the most hallowed acts of a democracy – voting.”

Currently, there are 21 states, the District of Columbia, and territories that require some sort of an excuse for the right to vote by mail. In many states, excuses such as having to work or serving on a jury are not considered valid reasons to be able to vote absentee.

Davis’s bill, The Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act (H.R. 281), would simply allow all eligible voters in the nation a vote by mail option.

In a recent national poll, 94 percent believed that society should make it as convenient as possible for eligible citizens to vote and 54 percent said that Congress should work to make voting easier.

Davis is also sponsoring bills to require free postage for mailing absentee ballots and the tracking of absentee ballots from mail box to election office.  

Also testifying will be Deb Merkowitz, Secretary of State of Vermont; Ruth Goldway, Postal Rate Commissioner; Joe Holland, Registrar of Voters for Santa Barbara County.
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